"Keys To Your Trading Business" Program

"The trading profession has a problem that is two-fold: There is a low bar for entry and a high bar for success."

Finding all the elements to becoming a professional trader by yourself can take years and cost you thousands of dollars. Trust me, I took this path and it took me years before I was consistently profitable.

Becoming a successful trader involves learning a set of skills but also learning to embody the elements of a successful trader - mindset, beliefs, habits, routines, and practices.

This program is designed to accelerate your trading journey and includes how to structure a profitable trading operation, creating a business and trading plan, the key elements of creating the ideal trading mindset, how to create lasting behavioural change, the tools, resources, and routines of successful traders, as well as my favorite setups I use everyday.

I assure you if you’ve struggled to put together all these pieces the program will shortcut your journey and save you 1000’s of dollars but more importantly 100-1000’s of hours which you can’t make back.


This program goes beyond the usual focus on setups and indicators.

You'll be led through a comprehensive process to develop exactly the knowledge, skills, habits, mindsets, and practices to take your trading from good to great.

Most traders focus on just trading and miss out on this whole other aspect and that is they neglect to run their trading operations as a business.

My goal is to make you 100% self sustainable so that you don't need to rely on a guru (or me) to spoon feed you trades.


Here are the foundational elements of the program -

  • This comprehensive program focuses on 4 key disciplines -
    • System
    • Methodology
    • Mind/Psychology
    • Know How - Creating perfect trading habits, Market and Technical Analysis, Tools, and Resources
  • Lifetime access to my “Embodying Peak Performance" course (value $199)
  • Responsive email support for questions, support, and encouragement.
  • Templates and Worksheets for exercises and discovery each month, keeping you in powerful forward action and supporting our phone sessions as you work through the program steps
  • Accountability measures and monthly assessments/goal tracking
  • Collaboration
    • All members are invited to join the Slack community as the collaborative platform for program members

    • Within Slack we regularly post assignments, resources, educational materials, and more

How does the Coaching program work?

If you choose the Coaching program option then you will have a choice of between 2 to 4 - 60 minute coaching sessions to be conducted by phone or via Skype. (Coaching sessions to be scheduled after admittance into the program.)

In addition for coaching clients, email and support via Slack are provided between sessions for check-ins.

Calls consist of time spent training on foundational elements of the program, checking in on progress made from week to week, and coaching on areas needed to support you in reaching your goals.

Note for the 2 or 4 Session Bundle:  The hours are generally spread over 1-2 months, but it’s entirely flexible based on your progress, goals, desired pace of progress, variance, and schedule.

Additional 1-2 hours of work on my part between sessions.

All information disclosed in our conversations is strictly confidential and will not be revealed to anyone without your written permission.

For a limited time, there are three enrollment options:

Full Course: $595


Full Course + 2 One-On-One (60 Minutes)Sessions: $895


Full Course + 4 One-On-One (60 Minutes)Sessions: $1,095


Are you ready?

If you are just looking for someone to give you some indicators and how to do some stock analysis then this program is not for you.

If you are serious about going deeper with your trading, having a great time, and conquering the markets then enroll now or reach out to us with your questions.

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