Peak Performance Trading Pack (PPTP)

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If you're interested in accessing insights across the domains of health, science, psychology, and physical performance to improve your trading then you're in the right place
As a thank you, I've compiled what I'm calling my "Peak Performance Trading Pack".
It's a FREE compilation of resources that I have created that spans the domains of trading, psychology, and performance to support you along your trading journey.
Good Trading!

Here's What You'll Find

Creating The Ideal Trading Mindset Course

Creating the ideal trading mindset requires that you understand how your current emotions and mindset can influence your trading.

This self development course includes videos and exercises and will take you through improving your self awareness and cultivating an understanding of your emotional self.  



Resource Pack

A repository of resources that focuses on the inner and outer game of trading.


- a 15 min. audio visualization exercise to Improve your Inner Game, 

- how to understand your trading edge,

- how and when to increase position size, 

- and a guide of recommended supplements to enhance your trading performance.


Becoming Your Own Trading Coach Course

Take control over your development as trader.

Learn the proper context, understanding, and structure to propel your trading forward.

This self paced course is for new or seasoned traders who want to learn a skill based framework that will allow you to take control over your own trading development and become your own trading coach.


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